20 3 / 2013

Today we add two nice features to circuits.io that allow you to show off your designs: external circuit embedding and printable PCBs.

Often when working on a project you like to share it on your blog or post it on a forum. Circuits.io now allows you to easily embed a schematic and PCB layout in external websites. These embedded views are not static images but the actual javascript viewer we use on circuits.io itself! This allows you to zoom and pan the design. We are also working on a Bill Of Materials tab, trace highlighting and interactive component properties, so expect more goodies to come inside your embedded views. You can find the embed button at the top right on every circuit page.

Secondly, we added a nice little feature to generate photorealistic and easily printable correct-sized PCBs. You might think its a bit weird to print a PCB on paper, but it is actually very helpful to be able to see the effective form factor of the board and footprint sizes to ensures everything fits correctly before placing an order. This can save you a redesign and a couple of weeks of delay! By the way, we do strongly believe that you will be able to print actual working electronics using your home inkjet printer in the near future, what we release today is just the first step :)


Furthermore, we made lots of improvements on the backend side and build a whole framework that allows us to track client-side browser exceptions and errors. This allowed us to detect and fix several edge case bugs. This continuous Quality Assurance enables us to improve our SaaS on a daily basis.

Happy hacking!

The circuits.io team

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