20 2 / 2013

Take your Eagle designs to the cloud

It took quite some sleepless nights to get there, but we can finally proudly announce that you are now able to import your existing Eagle design files to circuits.io, both schematic and PCB layout. Your Eagle design is turned into a native circuits.io schematic and board layout, open to ordering and forking. The original Eagle files are even made available for download from the circuit’s page.


This is a major milestone for us. Not only can the number of high quality designs on the site quickly increase, but all the components in the imported Eagle files will also become available to everybody on the site. A particularly nice possibility is that imported designs can be used to extract reusable hardware modules from (both schematic and routed PCB section), allowing easy design reuse for electronics.

We had to significantly push the boundary of what our design tool supported and are proud that almost all Eagle features are available. Some small things that are not yet possible are: more than 2 layers, multiple sheets and overlapping polygon pours. Also note that with the import feature you can quickly get very big designs in circuits.io, this can be a bit taxing for our javascript based editor, but we are working on speed-ups as we speak.

So feel free to import all your existing Eagle designs (or even Open Hardware designs you find in the wild, here is a nice example) and make them easily sharable, forkable, editable and orderable, right from your browser. You can even take an existing Eagle design and start a fundraising campaign to get your design to the masses! You can find the import button on your dashboard.

Happy hacking!

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