28 11 / 2012

Bootstrap your electronics projects on circuits.io

At circuits.io we want to revolutionise how people design, manufacture and buy electronics. Up until today, we have been focusing on rethinking the tools used to design electronics. Instead of expensive and complex desktop software, circuits.io allows you to design electronics in your browser using an intuitive design process that pushes the boundaries of electronics design software. Ordering a prototype board is as easy as a single mouse click.

Today we announce the next step in our plan: Ordering fully assembled electronic boards on circuits.io. Because the current economics of electronics manufacturing still requires high volumes, we decided to created “Bootstrap Campaigns”. This allows you to take your design on circuits.io (or even your own Gerber files), and create a funding campaign for it. Anybody can support your project by pre-ordering one or more boards. If the funding goal is reached within the pre-set deadline, we will get your boards manufactured and shipped to all people who signed in. Think of this as a “Kickstarter” or “Indiegogo” specialized in electronics, with that difference that we not only help you find funding for your project, but also get your project manufactured and shipped to your supporters. And circuits.io only takes a small revenue share and pays the remaining profit to you.

Our goal is to make you successful. If your design turns out to be a huge hit, you might decide to start your own venture. Circuits.io will even give you the manufacturing contacts so you can set up your own supply chain. Or you can decide to stay with us and use circuits.io for manufacturing-as-a-service.

Our first amazing Bootstrap Campaign is also available today: a Raspberry Pi robotic shield. Pre-order a board and turn this first campaign into a success!

If you are interested in starting your own Bootstrap Campaign, just contact us.

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